User Stories - Dr. Philip Veal


Dr. Philip Veal, joined Ad Hoc Academic and found paid work straight away


Dr. Philip Veal tells us how he found joining Ad Hoc Academic clear and simple, avoided being on the wrong end of a sales call and found an ideal connection almost immediately.


Tell us about yourself

I started off as a graphic designer and multimedia designer. I spent 5 years as an in house creative lead for British Airways on and then I set up Silbo LTD – a collective of specialists, each with our own areas of expertise, who deliver innovation led, human centred agile design and design thinking.

I completed my professional doctorate at the University of Sunderland and board of international NGO and I am very interested in humanitarian work and technology.

What got you interested in lecturing?

It was something I wanted to do. I was a visiting lecturer at Sunderland quite few years back now and I wanted to explore the academic side of things. I ran a module in game design and development, I wrote and delivered all the content on that.

How did you learn about Ad Hoc?

I’m an AT (Academic Tutor) at the University of Sunderland. They had started using the Ad Hoc App and asked us to sign up. I thought I would do that because it makes perfect sense.

I had spoken to other Universities about working with them. You don’t know if you are speaking to the right person and you send off all these emails and it just ends up disappearing and don’t know if anyone is taking notice.

I went down to Leeds a few weeks ago to speak to someone and nothing came of it and it’s disheartening at times and if you can get to the point where we know who wants, what well that would be very useful and save so much time.

You recently made a connection for paid work, how did the connection process work?

After I had created my profile, pretty much straight away I got a request to connect from Future Skills Vision, who specialise in skills development consultancy for both business and education providers.

I received a connection request via email from the Ad Hoc app. After this we had an email conversation and we arranged a face to face meeting, it all went very very quickly and smoothly.

There are a lot of problems with so many LinkedIn type businesses – where a initial connection never leads to anything or do anything. Often you end up finding yourself at the wrong end of a sales and marketing call – ideally you want to avoid that!

With Ad Hoc Academic it seemed clear and simple. If you are the right person then let’s get on with it.

When you joined Ad Hoc, were you looking to find a job immediately?

No, but it turned into paid work for me straight away – which is a really wonderful situation to be in.


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