Frequently Asked Questions

What is ad Hoc Academic?

Ad Hoc Academic is a skills matching website. It connects people looking for temporary academic positions with those wishing to hire them within the academic world.

I am a FE/HE Institution – why should I use Ad Hoc Academic?

Using Ad Hoc Academic can save time and money whilst increasing academic standards. Using Ad Hoc Academic puts you in control, removing siloes and increasing skills utilisation within your institution whilst instantly broadening your access to the highest quality staff available.

I am a professional or temporary academic staff – how does Ad Hoc Academic work?

Sign up and create a profile and enter your skills, expertise and experience. Once in Ad Hoc Academic your profile is visible to Academics and Institutions who are looking for your skills. Click here to sign up.

I am an Academic / Hiring Manager – why should I use Ad Hoc Academic?

As an Academic or Hiring Manager you are probably used to finding candidates to fill your ad hoc positions by word of mouth, using university websites, emailing students or recommendations from colleagues. We know you get by, but traditional methods can’t guarantee you are accessing the best pool of resources. Ad Hoc Academic provides a new way of thinking about a common challenge.

I am a FE/HE institution – how does Ad Hoc Academic work?

Ad Hoc Academic is an online skills matching website. Our registered users have unlimited access to professionals and academic staff who are looking for temporary academic positions. Click here to find out more.

I am a Professional – why should I use Ad Hoc Academic?

Professionals have a wealth of skills to pass on to students. Perhaps you have been thinking of ‘giving something back’ by passing on your skills to the next generation? Working as temporary Academic staff could simply give you new skills to add to your CV, or provide you with flexible working hours. Whatever your reasons Ad Hoc Academic is the quickest and easiest way to be seen by Universities looking for your skills. Click here to sign up.

I am a regular temporary Academic staff – why should I use Ad Hoc Academic?

When you sign up and create your profile in Ad Hoc Academic it is immediately visible to all Academics at all registered Universities.

Why can’t I find my University or Institution when I try to sign up?

All Universities need to subscribe to Ad Hoc Academic. Once signed up all Academics and Hiring managers within their institution will have access to use the system. If your University is not listed then they have not subscribed. If you would like your University to sign up to Ad Hoc Academic then please click here and contact us.

How do I get my University or Institution signed up to Ad Hoc Academic?

If you are a University or Academic Institution and want your Hiring Managers and Academics to search, match and connect with professionals and part-time Academic Staff looking to work at Universities then we would love to speak to you. Click here to contact us.

Is Ad Hoc Academic free?

Access to Ad Hoc Academic for professionals and temporary academic staff is free. Sign up now.

Access to Ad Hoc Academic for Universities and Institutions is a paid subscription service. Find out more.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, you can find our privacy policy here.

I haven’t received my account activation email, can you help?

Please contact the Ad Hoc Academic team via our contact page.

I have found someone who matches my requirements. How do I know they are good?

As an academic or hiring manager you have access to your potential candidates CV, you could refer to the reference list and follow up references.

If the candidate has not provided a CV or references you could contact the potential candidate (via the contact candidate button) and ask for personal academic references.

How do I contact professionals and temporary academic staff?

Contact via the contact candidate button within their profile.

How do I close my account?

Please contact the Ad Hoc Academic team on the contact page and we will close your account.

How do I contact someone at Ad Hoc Academic?

We’re friendly and always available to chat. Contact us any time and we’ll happily answer your questions. We are passionate about our product and helping Universities to connect with talented professionals.

How do I contact professionals and temporary academic staff?

Contact via the contact candidate button within their profile.

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