Customer - University of Sunderland


Tim Crocker, Team Leader for Languages at the University of Sunderland explains how using Ad Hoc Academic makes finding temporary resource quick and easy.


The University of Sunderland has over 20,000 students based in campuses on the North East coast, in London and Hong Kong and at its global partnerships with learning institutions in 15 countries. It has a long-established commitment to widening participation, its world-leading research, public and private sector collaborations and has a track-record for providing quality student experiences that result in graduates who are the tomorrow-makers of our societies and economies.


As in many other institutions, the senior Academics at the University of Sunderland spend more time than they would like searching for temporary academic staff. They get by with traditional methods, like the little black book of ‘go to’ contacts, however with the siloed nature of institutions they can’t be sure that they are accessing the best possible resource, even from within their own institution.


Ad Hoc Academic improves academic standards by connecting Universities with professionals and temporary academic staff. The online platform allows academics to search for the skills they need both within their institution and from the wider pool of temporary academic resource outside of their ‘go to’ contacts.

Following discussions with the University of Sunderland Departmental Team leaders and HR about the benefits of using the platform, was launched as a tool to help academics quickly search, match and connect with temporary academic resource.


Tim Crocker, Team Leader for Languages, saw the value of the platform and found that the simple process of search, match and connect “increased efficiency to find academic tutors, especially at short notice”.

The platform not only increases speed and confidence in resolving unexpected staff resource issues it is particularly useful when the University are allocated research grants.

Tim went on to say “grants might happen last minute and you need to show your resource ready and are able to backfill teaching. Ad Hoc Academic gives the University the confidence that we are going to be able to fill that gap with the high quality of teaching that we need”.

Tim also explained;

“using Ad Hoc Academic allows you to cut out some of the initial stages of recruitment. For example the phone calls and the conversations. The frustration in not being able to find someone, so integrating Ad Hoc Academic into the larger HR system will allow someone to be identified in a much easier and quicker way.”

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