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As an Academic or Hiring Manager you are probably used to finding candidates to fill your ad hoc positions by word of mouth, using university websites, emailing students or recommendations from colleagues.

We know you get by, but we also know that your choice of candidates might be limited and you can’t guarantee that you are accessing the best pool of resources, even from within your own institution.

Ad Hoc Academic is an easy to use online portal that puts you in control, quickly matching your requirements with available skills ensuring you connect with the best candidates with the skills that are perfectly matched with your academic requirements.

How it works

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Benefits of using Ad Hoc

We know you are being challenged to do more with less, find the right staff quickly and reduce costs.

Ad Hoc Academic can help.

Cost saving
Reduce advertising and recruitment costs.

Time saving
Streamline HR processes.

Broadening the pool of candidates
Reach Professionals and temporary academic staff outside your existing networks.

Increasing Academic standards
Better results, better rating, better students – helping to increase your Universities rating.

You are in control
Connecting directly with who you want, when you want.

Sharing skills within your institution.

Not bound by ‘who you know’
Instantly broaden your network.

Create a diverse team and increase skill utilisation
Remove institutional siloes.

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