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Ad Hoc is all about connecting people

Connecting people

Our vision is to improve academic standards by connecting FE & HE institutions with the best professionals and temporary academic staff.

The team at Ad Hoc are both Academics and Professionals and have seen, first-hand, the challenges faced by institutions who are looking to work with the most talented individuals in their field.

We also know that there are a wealth of temporary academic staff and professionals out there who would like to pass on their skills to the next generation.

We think differently about how Institutions and Academics connect with temporary academic resource.

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Ad Hoc Academic, connecting people - Andrew Broadhead

Andrew Broadhead

I have worked in Sales & Marketing for 20 years, picking up a green belt in business process improvement along the way. Most recently I set up and ran a successful marketing consultancy.

I had a long held ambition to become a lecturer, partly to give something back and partly to satisfy my love of academia. Finding a temporary Academic Tutor position was harder than I felt it should have been. When Jody told me about ‘Ad Hoc’ I recognised the problem that it addresses and knew that it could make a material change to the way in which Universities and Academics connect with professionals and temporary academic staff.

I love cheese, cooking, music (both making and listening), evolutionary theory and playing golf, football and petanque.

Ad Hoc Academic, connecting people - Jody Nichols

Jody Nichols

I have over 12 years of public and third sector experience under my belt, including a role as Senior Commissioning Officer within the NHS and my most recent role as a Research Facilitator working with high profile national initiatives.

My career focus turned to research after obtaining a Masters in Public Health in 2011. It was this experience that ignited a love for research and academia in me. Fast forward four years and it was while studying for my PhD and working as an Academic Tutor that I had an exciting lightbulb moment! A simple yet slick software system that allows Universities to find people who are looking for opportunities and experience in academic settings, just like I was. This was one of those ideas I just couldn’t ignore. So I partnered up with Andrew and away we went.

I loved hockey for 25 years but these old bones can no longer keep up, so now I love wine (and good food), the great outdoors, scotch eggs, everyday adventures, and walking my loyal old dog at the start and end of every day.

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